Colombia has the highest biodiversity per square kilometer of anywhere on the planet. At around 1912 species, Colombia’s bird list is number one in the world. Moreover, the country offers one of the best relationships between species number x great birds / money x time for any kind of birder!

Colombia is also one of the most beautiful countries on earth. There’s a diverse variety of landscapes and habitats, and the people are very friendly. During your trip you´ll feel that you visited several countries in one, and the destinations we visit are amongst the most untouched and authentic in the country.

Security is perhaps still regarded by many potential visitors as an issue of concern when visiting Colombia. In reality however, if you stay out of the few remaining areas of conflict, you will be safer in Colombia than in most other Latin American countries (Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela, etc.) Our sites and birding routes ONLY include safe areas, and as a Colombian team we are always able to ensure that we are fully up to speed with the latest conditions in all the areas that we visit.

Colombia is a country with an emerging economy, clean and tidy, and with an educated people. Ecotourism is an activity that is still in its infancy, but nonetheless there are numerous reserves, national parks and lodges that offer security, adequate facilities, easy access and of course, great birding!!!

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