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Mark Locwood
Why choose Multicolor Birding Colombia?

Top guides. We know the sites, the birds’ vocalizations, and most importantly, where the special birds are. We have both the skill and the patience to help you get the best possible views of the key birds. We are a friendly team, and all our guides are fully adaptable to the pace and knowledge of our clients. We speak both English and Spanish. Multicolor is one of the few operators who really understand and  provide a good service for serious birders.

Careful planning and logistics. Our itineraries are carefully planned to minimize wasted time, unnecessary cost and uncomfortable situations. They have been planned in detail to provide the most effective daily strategy to find your target birds.

Quality tours at reasonable prices. We aim to provide world-class birding tours at highly competitive prices. Quite simply, we offer the best value for money for birders visiting Colombia.

Conservation: Multicolor birding is  a partner of https://www.rainforesttrust.org/, we  donate 5 % of our profits to conservation projects around the world. Also, If you donate 100 US to rainforest trust, you will get a 100 US discount at any of our tours.



• We cater for small groups (1-8 clients). For each 1-4 clients we offer an individual guide. We want our customers to have the best possible chance to see difficult skulkers like Antpittas and Tapaculos, and other birds that are difficult to observe when groups are too large.

• We talk to our clients in a clear and honest way. We are realistic about the chances of finding certain birds, and make sure that our clients know the true picture.

• We are a small, flexible yet stable company. As a result we can easily tailor custom tours to our clients’ special requirements.

Security is our first priority. We exclude from our routes all potentially dangerous sites. Because we are in Colombia year-round, we are always up to date with the stability of each area we visit.

Multicolour Birding is one of the few birding companies that has the depth of knowledge and broad logistical capabilities to guarantee successful tours in all regions of Colombia (including the Amazon and Choco Regions).

• We know the best time to visit the sites in order to see the special birds. Also, we are aware of possible complications with weather and other variables at certain sites.

• We work only with the most punctual, birder-friendly and experienced drivers. They have good mechanical skills, ensuring that our vehicles remain comfortable and in safe, roadworthy condition.

• Ecotourism is a good alternative for rural communities, and helps to conserve biodiversity. That’s why, wherever possible, we work with local guides and suppliers, sourcing services from local communities.

• Our team is committed to bird conservation and fully supportive of local research projects. One of our priorities for the immediate future is to invest in the protection of critical habitat for birds. (We are currently looking for important sites to establish as new reserve).

• We believe that satisfied clients will bring us new clients. Therefore we rely primarily on word of mouth recommendations. We don’t spend a fortune on advertising, nor do we promise things we cannot deliver


I am very grateful to everyone that has helped to make Multicolor Birding Colombia a reality, especially to Jurgen Beckers (who introduced me to this job), Kim Garwood and Martin Reid. Thanks to all for your great support!!

Special thanks to Juan David Ramirez, Mark Lockwood and Martin Reid who provided some of their amazing photos to enhance this website.

I’d also like to acknowledge the Multicolor birding Colombia team, and all those who support us during our tours and explorations.

Thanks to my girlfriend, family and friends that have always warmly welcomed me home after many long trips.

Congratulations and thanks to my cousin Ricardo Ríos www.r2mediadesign.com who made this nice website!

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