Birdwatching Tours Colombia : Welcome to the Multicolor Experience!!

We are just the best company specializing in birdwatching Tours in Colombia.  We aim to provide world-class birding tours at highly competitive prices. Quite simply, we offer the best value for money for birders visiting Colombia.

We chose our name to reflect the amazing color, diversity and beauty that you’ll find on your travels with us across Colombia.

We are honest and clear people who really know about birding and how to keep happy our clients. Why to pay a lot more for the same or for by far less with companies that don’t have the experience and that don’t care if you miss a lot of your targets?

We operate some standard tours with set itineraries, but we will also be delighted to help you plan an individual tour to suit your own customized itinerary.Our team combines the best in local expertise and equipment to ensure very successful tours, allowing our customers to enjoy a safe,  comfortable and unique travel experience.


Colombia has the highest biodiversity per square kilometer of anywhere on the planet. At around 1870 species, Colombia’s bird list is number one in the world. Moreover, the country offers one of the best relationships between: species number x quality birds / money x time for any kind of birder! Read More»


Our extensive knowledge of the country’s birds and their specific locations, plus our careful management of logistics means one thing: highly successful tours. Read more about why Multicolor Birding is the best choice for your next birding trip in Colombia... View More»


Pablo has an outstanding knowledge of all the sites based on his own extensive experience of birding Colombia. He knows where to find all the key species and his knowledge of calls in particular is excellent. The logistics were seamless, everything worked. We have a smooth, safe and pleasant experience. View More»
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