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At the age of 15 he started birding and travelling intensively. His  studies of the Yellow-eared Parrot formed the basis of his thesis, and he graduated as a Forestry Engineer. Since 2000 he has been deeply involved with bird conservation, working in many projects and leading expeditions. He is a Co-founder of ProAves (the pre-eminent NGO involved in the conservation of birds in Colombia) and worked for this organization for 5 years, contributing to the creation of several private reserves and other important achievements in different regions. Subsequently he forged links independently to different bird research projects both for the government and for international entities.

After 25 years of active birding and more than 1734 bird species recorded in Colombia, he has acquired  significant skills as a birding guide in all regions of the country. His great passion for birds has taken him also to  Ecuador (10 times), Venezuela (3), Peru (6), Bolivia (1), Argentina (1) and Brazil (6). His knowledge of birds locations, bird calls and birder-friendly logistics are remarkable.

In 2008, he started guiding  tours for different companies. From mid-2010- to-date he has mostly worked independently. With his friend Jurgen Beckers he publish the book “Birdwatching  in Colombia ” avalaible at and

On 2017 we found a new Antshrike species on the Colombia Orinoco river basin. On the same year, thanks to his clients he was able to purchase a 90 acres private cloud forest reserve north of Medellin (Colombia) plus donate around $ 7000 USD  to help to purchase other 3 reserves on the same area and to promote the local  NGO  called “Salvamontes”.

David Geale-Guide Colombia

david David is a Canadian birding guide, with more than 10 years experience guiding long and intense tours in Peru, Colombia, Bolivia, Venezuela and Ecuador. He is a passionate birder who has an impressive knowledge about Neotropical birds and their calls, that along with his amazing spotting skills makes him one of the very best guides available in South America. Our clients are always impressed with his Neotropical birding skills. Also, after living in Peru 9  years, he speaks excellent Spanish.
David is also the Tour leader  of our friend company which runs  the best Birding tours in Peru.Even more David become an excellent guide on  Butterfly Tours. Running several tours on Peru, Colombia and Bolivia.







Johnnier Arango-Guide Central and Western Andes

jhonierHe is an excellent birding guide and company. Johnnier has a nice and patient character and perseverance to show the birds to the people. He has a huge experience leading tour on Western and Central Andes.

The Serranía de los Paraguas beyond western andes is the place where Johnnier has been cultivating his passion for birds and nature conservancy. This region is also the place where is based the local NGO Serraniagua, a community farmers association where Johnnier learned about nature conservation strategies, agroecology, environmental education, sustainable use of natural resources, and of course, birds! He complements his job as birding guide with biologic research activities, photography, graphic design and social initiatives, all this as volunteer in Serraniagua. At present Johnnier is leading a volunteer initiative called Serranía Biodiversa, which intends to promote biodiversity knowledge as well the designing of environmental education strategies in the Serranía de los Paraguas’ eco-region.




Oswaldo Cortez-Guide Eastern Andes

oswaldoHe is a Biologist and currently a MS student at the National University. Oswaldo is one of the most experienced guides in the eastern Andes. But is also a really active birder in other regions. He is an avid bird song recordist with a large collection from throughout Colombia. He is involved in many research and conservation projects about birds and their habitats.







José Castaño-Guide Western Andes

Born in Jardin Antioquia. He has been studying birds since 2001 and undertakes conservation work mainly in the Western Andes. He is co-founder of Proaves and has helped to establish many successful reserves and conservation actions. He is the most knowledgeable person about the Yellow-eared Parrot. Since 2008 he has been guiding  tours in Jardin and other areas for different companies. Jose is studying Biology at the Antioquia University.

He is a really nice person to travel with and to learn more about Colombia.






Juan David Ramírez- Guide Colombia

“Juanda”  lives in Medellin. Despite having his own engineering company, the birds and nature are his big passion. Since 1997 he  has been birding intensively all around Colombia and sometimes in Ecuador, Venezuela and Costa Rica. He has amazing eyes and very good knowledge about bird songs. Also, Juanda is the colombian expert in digiscoping –Please Check- @ N02/page4 /) to see his really great stuff of  cool birds.






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