Magdalena Valley

  The Magdalena valley is an endemic region located between the central and eastern Andes. The southern valley is mostly dry, and is ideal for endemics like Velvet-fronted Euphonia and Apical Flycatcher.  The Middle Magdalena is humid and rich in biodiversity. Typical species include White-mantled Barbet, Beautiful Woodpecker, Antioquia Bristle-Tyrant, Blue-billed Curassow etc. The valley marks the southern limit of some Central-American species, such as Bare-crowned Antbird, Black Antshrike and Black Oropendola. Additional species typical of the Choco region also occur here. The northern end of the valley mainly consists of large wetlands, which are excellent for aquatic species.

    The main places to visit in this area are:



Río Claro:  Humid forest between 350-700 m Some of the best birds here include Sooty Ant-Tanager, White-mantled Barbet, Beautiful Woodpecker, Antioquia Bristle-Tyrant, Colombian Chachalaca, Barred Puffbird; Brownish Twistwing, Citron-throated Toucan, Black-capped Pygmy-Tyrant, Pacific Antwren, Slate-coloured Grosbeak, Dull-mantled and Bicoloured Antbirds, Grey-cheeked Nunlet, Checker-throated Antwren, Yellow-browed Shrike-Vireo, Scarlet-browed Tanager, Saffron-headed Parrot, Southern Bentbill, Brownish Twistwing, Olivaceous Flatbill and Blue Cotinga.

La Victoria: Antioquia Bristle-Tyrant, White-mantled Barbet, Beautiful Woodpecker, Velvet-fronted Euphonia, Tody Motmot, Colombian Chachalaca, Bar-crested Antshrike, White-bibbed Manakin.

Paujil: A large reserve with good lowland rainforest. Species here include Blue-billed Curassow, Sooty Ant-Tanager, Northern Screamer, Crested Owl, Brownish Twistwing, Citron-throated Toucan, Slate-throated Gnatcatcher, Ruby-topaz Hummingbird, Bare-crowned Antbird, Black-billed Flycatcher, Northern Royal Flycatcher, Crested Owl, Black Antshrike and many others.

Mana Dulce: A private reserve with dry forest. Velvet-fronted Euphonia, Apical Flycatcher, Pheasant and Dwarf Cuckoos, White-bellied Antbird, Jet Antbird, Lance-tailed Manakin and many more.

San Agustin: Dusky-headed Brush-finch, Upper Magdalena Tapaculo, Blossomcrown, Yellow-headed Manakin, Indigo-capped Hummingbird, Olivaceous Piha, Bar-crested Antshrike, Yellow-breasted Antwren and Colombian Chachalaca.

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