Caribbean and Santa Marta

This northern region of Colombia is the most popular for tours, because the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta has the highest concentration of endemic birds in the whole of South America (20 endemics) and because the whole area is home to around 700 species (many of which are near endemic).

The most logical base from which to explore the riches of this birding area is Santa Marta City. From there it is possible to drive up into the mountains, to visit the desert scrub on the Guajira peninsula, and to bird in the mangroves on the road to Barranquilla.

The best destinations in the Caribbean/Santa Marta region are:

Santa Marta Mountains: the most visited area of these mountains is the San Lorenzo ridge, where we recommend staying in the excellent lodge in the Reserve El Dorado, or in the cabins of the national park. In this area between altitudes of 1200-2650 m. it’s possible to see endemics like Santa Marta (SM) Sabrewing, Blossomcrown, SM Mountain-tanager, SM Parakeet, Santa Marta Screech-Owl, Rusty-headed Spinetail, Santa Marta Woodstar, Santa Marta Bush-Tyrant, Black-backed Thornbill, Santa Marta Tapaculo, Santa Marta Antpitta, Santa Marta Warbler,  Yellow-crowned Whitestart, Santa Marta Brush-finch, Santa Marta Foliage-gleaner and White-lored Warbler. In addition there are near-endemics to be found, such as Streak-capped Spinetail, Black-fronted Wood-Quail, White-tipped Quetzal, Band-tailed Guan (NE), Brown-rumped Tapaculo (E), and Santa Marta Tapaculo (E).

Camarone and Riohacha : Primarily a dry scrub and coastal habitat where there are many near-endemics and specialities such as Buffy Hummingbird (NE), Chestnut Piculet (NE-rare), Bare-eyed Pigeon (NE), Russet-throated Puffbird (NE), Caribbean (Pale-legged) Hornero, White-whiskered Spinetail (NE), Slender-billed Inezia (NE), Northern Scrub Flycatcher (NE), Vermilion Cardinal (NE), Tocuyo Sparrow (NE-rare), Pileated Finch (NE), Orinoco Saltator (NE) and Glaucous Tanager (NE). Also, water birds like Flamingos, Scarlet Ibis and many others occur.

Salamanca National Park: situated between Santa Marta and Barranquilla, this National Park features mangroves, swamps and lakes with many aquatic specialities. Good birds here include Chestnut-winged Chachalaca, Sapphire-throated Hummingbird, Bronze-brown Cowbird, (an isolated race of Bronzed Cowbird sometimes treated as a separate species,) Bicoloured Conebill, Panama Flycatcher and White-cheeked Pintail.

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