New Birding Tour Fixed departures 2014 and 2015

We just open 4 new fixed departures Tours to run at 2014 and 2015.

Please check our birding Tours Calendar  for 2014 and early 2015!


Mitu is just fantastic!!!

Our last tour in Mitu (Amazonia –Brasil border ) got a lot the higlights!!! This great area offers White -sand Forest, Terra Firma and varzea habitats. We saw some beauty and rare birds like: Chestnut-crested Antbird, Azure-naped Jay, Raquet tailed Coquette, Red-dan Parrot, Scarlet-sholder Parrot, Orinoco Piculet, Spot-backed Antwren, Tawny-tufted Toucanet, Guianan Cock-of-the-rock, Fiery Topaz, Pompadour Cotinga, White-naped Seedeater, Lemon-chested & Brown-headed Greenlets, Whie-bellied Dacnis, Citron-bellied Atila, Black-throated Brillant, Saffron-crested Tyrant-Manakin, White-plumed Antbird, Plumbeous Euphonia, Bronzy Jacamar, Blackish Nightjar, Paradise Jacamar, Amazonian Inezia, Bar-bellied Woodcreper, Olive Oropendula, Yellow-throathed, Cherries, Ash-winged Antwren Antwrens, Imeri Anrbird and Guianan Gnatcatcher (a big range extension?).


Our last trips


Our tour on the Cali-Buenaventura old Road was quite succesful!! Long-wattled Umbrella bird, Esmeraldas Antbird, Greyish Piculet, Lita Woodpecker, Striped Woodhaunter, Speckle-breasted Wren…and of course a lot the special Tanagers …Multicoloured, Golden-chested, Blue-whiskered, Emerald,  Scarlet-and-white Tanagers, also Yellow-green Bush-Tanager, Golden-collared Honeycreeper and Scarlet-thighed Dacnis.

The las tour Northern and Central Colombia between 25 May and 14 June has  with 3 very good birders from Belgium has a lot higlights… Crescent-faced Antpitta  (bird of the trip), Chestnut Wood-Quail, Barred Parakeet, Santa Marta and Brown-breasted Parakeets, Yellow-eared Parrot, Colombian Screech-Owl, Blossomcrown, Bearded Helmetcrest, Black-thighed Puffleg, Dusky, White-tailed, Blue-throated Starfrontlets, Black Inca, Greyish Piculet, Toucan barbet, Ocellated Tapaculo, Chestnut-crested Cotinga, Chestnut-capped Piha, Yellow-browed Shrike-Vireo, Gold-ringed, Black-and-gold, Purplish-mantled, Multicoloured, Glistening-green and  Red-hooded Tanagers, Masked Saltator, etc…Also, was recorded an American Avocet on the NP Salamanca, this may be the first record for Colombia!!


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