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Multicolor Birding  is a leading serius birding company in Colombia. Here are just a few thoughts and testimonials from our clients:

Dave Sergeat,  Ian Harrison, Andrew Self and Ken Petersen. March 2017.

Although most of us had birded extensively in South America before, this was a first trip to Colombia for any of us. So the itinerary was based simply upon maximising the number of Colombian endemics and specialities, without any manic rushing between sites. Following recommendations from others, guiding and logistics were arranged with Pablo Florez of Multicolor Birding Colombia. The logistics worked well and Pablo was great to be with in the field. We would definitely recommend Multicolor Birding.

Allan Drewitt, Jonathan Price, Sue Rees, Richard Thomas and Sarah Thomas. Nov 2014.

Pablo is an excellent guide, not only taking care of all the logistics, including arranging alternative accommodation and transport at short notice, he is an excellent birder and tireless in his attempts to find as many birds as possible. Also, Check out his  excellent book Birdwatching in Colombia for more information on Colombian birding locations and tours.

Peter Van Scheepen, Dirk Meijer, Hans Westerlaken. Aug 2014.

We have another hassle free trip  with Multicolor Birding and saw a great deal of our targets.  We look back at a very successful trip!! Pablo and his staff are excellent guiding and dealing with the logistics.

David Van den Schoor. Aug  2013.

Thanks Pablo for your extraordinary services. Without your help our trip would not have the trip  been so successful!! Pablo is without question  the best guide hat you can book  in Colombia!!

Mike Catsis,  Simon Allen , Chris Gooddie  and Nick Preston.  Aug 2011. United Kingdom.

Four of us joined Pablo on a 3.5 week tour. We were not disappointed.  A total of 50 endemics plus 13 antpittas seen and more lifers for all of us than we had expected.  The logistics were seamless, everything worked. Pablo has an outstanding knowledge of all the sites based on his own extensive experience of birding Colombia . He knows  where to find all the key species and his knowledge of calls in particular is excellent. He has excellent relationships with all the key people at all the sites which makes for a smooth, safe and pleasant experience for all. Moreover Pablo is a thoughtful  and sensitive person, a caring and attentive guide who made sure that everyone felt comfortable and able to enjoy the trip. We certainly did ….and for added measure the trip was very good value !

Robert Dix. July 2011 (rdix2002@yahoo.com) Austin. Texas. USA

It has always been a wonderful experience birding with Pablo as my guide. We have been to many interesting and beautiful places in Colombia. These include the Piha Reserve, Rio Claro, Rio Blanco, Otun, the Santa Marta area, Leticia  and Brasil Border, Cali (Old Bueaventura Road & Wetland Sonso), Mitu in the Amazon, plus many other exciting areas. Pablo followed my birding philosophy very well. It is that I can always sleep and eat, but I can not always see the beautiful birds of Colombia. Because I am at times a little late with my viewing, Pablo many times had to find the bird again and again. Pablo is the most patient, kindest, and diplomatic person I have ever encountered. He was always looking out for my safety and well being. You will do well to have Pablo as your guide because he knows the places to visit, knows the calls of the birds, how to diagnose the bird, and where to look. Most importantly he knows how to show you the bird without disturbing it.

Gilles Delforge. Belgium.   Aug 2010

 Pablo is a good birdwatcher, but, more importantly, knows where to find the birds, is very good in planning the logistic (we never had any delay or accommodation problem) and is always enthusiast (despite the fact that we never wanted to stop birdwatching !). He was very good company. Also,  has MP3 player with of all the target species and recording stuff.

About the security, despite the very bad reputation of Colombia, this was a non-issue. We always felt save everywhere we went (even more than in other south-american countries) and met only friendly people. Anyway, as the security issues can change quickly, it’s probably wiser to seek local advice before traveling. .


Kim Garwood.  Texas. USA . www.neotropicalbutterflies.com

We had another great trip in Colombia, lots of new species photographed and lots of Colombia seen. It’s a wonderful country, I notice the improvements just in the last 3 years (2008-2010). More peaceful, less military, the hotels and food are getting better. All in all, what’s not to like? I’ll be back many more times.

I have been  traveling with Pablo 3 times in Colombia. He is a wonderful guide.I highly recommend him for birds and butterflies. He has tapes and knows most of the calls, He’s learning more and more about traveling around the country, is very patient w/our hunting for butterflies and his English is much improved. Plus he’s a really nice guy. Oct 2010.


Martin Reid. Texas. USA. www.martinreid.com

 Pablo has birded repeatedly at all the major birding locations in the country – and many of the minor ones also-. He speaks good English.  He has a great temperament for guiding, being polite and patient (with us), and also persistent (with the birds). He has all the key birds on his Ipod and is very knowledgeable about the vast majority of the birds, and especially about where to find them. Currently his prices are an incredible value, and our trip cost far less than any of my other guided trips in the Neotropics. I would place Pablo at the top of the ladder when it comes to organization and consideration for our well-being and safety – and that counts for a lot in this new birding frontier; I highly recommend him. I am already planning to go back to Colombia soon, and to hire him again – that demonstrates my faith in his ability to find great birds (and to provide a trouble-free experience in the process). Martin Reid -Sep.2009-.


Steve Firth & Catherine Griffiths
Wales / UK

We utilised the services Pablo Florez  as our bird guide for one week in March 2010.

Pablo has birded and guided in all of the main birding locations in the country – and many of the less well known sites. His passion for the wildlife of his home country is infectious. Plus is a great company

We were extremely impressed with his logistical ability. Our numerous emailed queries and requests were replied to quickly, in detail, yet succinctly.  He can help with creating your own itinerary and provides invaluable  information during the planning stage.

We asked him to book some internal flights for us within Colombia using his credit card. This meant that the price we paid for the flights was around half of what it would have been if booked by ourselves outside Colombia. We sent him the money by Western Union and he kept in constant touch via email and as soon as he received the funds, the flights were booked and the E-Tickets emailed to us by Pablo.

The logistics within the country ran smoothly, with no transport delays or problems with accommodation. He is well known and liked by the various local guides and rangers, which helps him to know where the best birds have been seen recently. Pablo is unfailingly enthusiastic and showed great patience when we struggled to get onto a few rarities. He has the vast majority of the key species on his Ipod and is tenacious in finding the birds themselves.

We met up with a group of extremely keen birders (Jon Hornbuckle, Richard Hopf, Graeme Wallace and Norman Williams) and Pablo was refreshingly free with his advice to them, and showed them the way to one site when their driver clearly had no idea of how to get there.

Our request for basic accommodation was well met and we were pleased with the total cost of the trip. We saw some great birds and thoroughly enjoyed our time with Pablo.

We can recommend his services wholeheartedly and will definitely be using his services again when we return to Colombia in the near future.


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